Zwift Team Time Trial

TTT Setup Steps

Sign up for Zwift

The Thursday night WTRL TTT takes place in Zwift. In order to participate, you will need a current subscription to Zwift.

In order to race on Zwift, you will also need a bicycle trainer and power readings. We also recommend you have a cadence sensor as well as heart rate monitor. There are a lot of options available for all of these.

The easiest set up would utilize a smart trainer (wheel on or direct drive) as they have your power readings and are controllable by Zwift to increase or decrease the resistance based on the include. Direct drive trainers usually include a cadence sensor while wheel on trainers require a separate sensor that you can attach to your non-drive side crank arm.

For heart rate monitors, there are a number of options. You can go with a chest strap or an arm band monitor. Many of our team members have been moving to the arm band monitors recently. You can also use an Apple Watch if you already have it with Zwift.

Connect Zwift to Zwiftpower

Zwiftpower is a secondary site that allows riders to compare each other to other riders in any given race. WTRL utilizes the data feed from Zwiftpower to determine the finish times for each team in the TTT. Due to this, it means we need to link our Zwift account to Zwiftpower.

Zwift has documented the process here. You will need your internal ZwiftID as well. You can find your ZwiftID by following this document.

Join Team Cruzbike

After you create your account on Zwiftpower and link your Zwift account to Zwiftpower, we suggest that you also join the Cruzbike team on Zwiftpower. This helps the team as we are trying to sort riders onto individual teams so we can quickly see your recent stats.

To join the Cruzbike team, go to this page. You should be able to join on the top right. You can join multiple teams on Zwiftpower and set any team that you want as your primary team.

Join Cruzbike discord server

During the race, we utilize a voice chat application called discord. Discord can be installed on a cell phone, tablet or computer; which ever works best for you. Many of us run discord on our mobile phone while we run the Zwift application on either a tablet or computer.

After you have selected how you want to run discord, the first step is to install it. After installing discord, you can go to and join the Cruzbike discord server.

We recommend that you have a pair of headphones to use with discord. Wired or wireless headphones can work. For at least some of our riders, they are much clearer when using wired headphones.

Registering for a team

Our team roster can change every week. Usually on Friday mornings, our race director asks who wants to participate in the next Thursday’s TTT. Usually on Monday or Tuesday the team makeup is decided.

Need to decide where team registration is taking place.

Signing up for TTT

After the teams are decided, your team captain will let you know which team to sign up for. Your team captain will provide you a direct link to a web page on where you can register for the race. You can also open the Zwift Companion app to find the event yourself if you prefer.

Team Divisions

Each team is registered for a specific team division. WTRL utilizes a coffee based naming schema; Espresso, Frappe, Latte, Mocha and Vienna. The rules for each division are defined in the following image.

The above take a little bit of effort to decode.

For Mocha teams, you can have any number of D category racers and a maximum of 3 C category racers. Mocha teams register in Zwift pen B.

Latte teams can have any number of D or C category racers and a maximum of 3 B category racers. Latte teams register in Zwift pen A.

Team name in Zwiftpower

WTRL utilizes the data feed from Zwiftpower to determine who is on a team and what their times are in the race. This is done by having each team utilize a unique name. Each rider on the team then needs to have the team name at the end of the name in Zwiftpower. This only applies to Zwiftpower names; your name in Zwift itself can be completely different.

Your team captain will provide you the team name to use. On Zwiftpower, select your profile (#1 in the image) and then select your Settings (#2 in the image). Where it shows Rider Name, at the end of your name, you need to include the team name provided by your team captain and enclose that name in parenthesis. In the image below, you can see that Josh is listed as a member of Low Drag. Finally, scroll down to the Update button (#3 in the image) to save the name change on Zwift Power.

Monday Course Recon

On Monday evenings Eastern Time, the team usually has a meet up where everyone is invited to scout out the course for the upcoming Thursday TTT. If you want to be invited to the course recon, please make sure you are following Josh or Henry on Zwift and let them know to include you. A benefit of joining a course recon ride is that you can validate your discord app is working correctly while you converse with and get to know your teammates!

The course recon utilizes the Zwift Meetup feature. This allows all of us to start together similar to a regular event. When you are invited to the meetup, you will need to accept the invitation in Zwift Companion in order to join the ride. You just need to log into Zwift some time before the course recon ride starts and make sure you press the Join Event button on the lower left of your screen before it starts. The Join Event button appears 20 minutes before the time of the meetup while for regular events it appears 30 minutes prior.

Racing Day

Each of us have different needs for our warm up. We suggest that you log into Zwift 30-60 minutes before your race to start your warm up process. At 30 minutes before the race, when you are in Zwift and riding, a button will appear in the lower left allowing you to Join Event. You can do this at any time before the race starts. We recommend that you join the event 5-10 minutes before it actually starts.

If you miss joining the event on time or if Zwift has a problem and your connection is dropped, there is no late join option.

When you join the race, you are placed in the starting pen. There is a large banner in front of you that has a clock counting down to the official start of the race. When the clock is at 30 seconds to go, stop pedaling. The race does not actually start when the clock reaches zero.

If you are still pedaling (more specifically, if Zwift registers any power for you), you will leave the pen early. When that happens, stop pedaling immediately and just wait for your team to start.

Your team captain will tell everyone how long of a starting delay your team has. Teams will start at either a 60 second or 30 second interval depending on how many teams are signed up. Your team captain should give you regular updates (every few minutes). When you reach the minute before your team starts, you should have an update a 60 seconds, 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 10 seconds and 5 seconds. When the team captain calls out 3 seconds to go, start pedaling. There is typically a delay between when you start to pedal and when Zwift registers the power. Additionally, each rider is behind the starting line for the pen. By starting to pedal with 3 seconds to go, you should arrive at the starting line very close to your teams actual starting time.

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